We believe in providing all of our clients with their own Paradise. 

A place where memories are create dand treasures are kept, and that is why we will go the extra mile to deliver sturdy and resilient structural designs. You can trust us to elevate your dreams and engineer your Paradise. 

"Paradise Engineer's design was very detailed and easy to follow."

Premier Architects

"Enrique and his team provide us with valuable, time sensitive information that allows us to provide exceptional service to our clients."

Rolando Sosa, Architect – Architecture Studios


Structural consultation services to mitigate uplift, overturning, and racking failures in extreme storm events.

Paradise Engineers design foundation systems to keep you grounded. 

Structural designs that meet or exceed Code requirements. 


Paradise Engineers provides 13 years of combined engineering experience in various design types including residential, commercial, entertainment, mixed-use, senior assisted living facilities, hospitality, education, healthcare and government projects. Our Paradise Engineers team include licensed engineers and trained designers to service your project needs in a responsive and responsible manner.

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